Presentation Comunicarte'17
31th JANUARY -1th, 2th FEBRUARY 2017


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Presentation Comunicarte'17
XX Arts, Communication and New Technologies Conference

Comunicarte (Art and Communication days) celebrates this year its 20th edition, with a significant change in the dates, which have moved to the second trimester of the course. Thus, between January 31st and February 2nd, the center will be transformed into a laboratory of learning experiences: workshops, conferences, materclasses will convert the usual working places of our students into an open space of participation where professionals who usually deal with the same skills as our students are being prepared for will also take part in it, such as our technology and resource providers, as well as anyone interested in the graphic and audiovisual areas.

Every year, we use to dedicate these special days, to a character, or work whose contribution has been relevant to our areas of knowledge. This time, from the audiovisual area, has been proposed to conmemorate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album, Sargent Pepper's. It is a work considered by many critics as one of the best works of the band and one of the most influential albums of all time. For our graphic students, it also provides an additional incentive to prepare works under the influential aesthetic of Pop Art, taking as starting point the band's mythical covers, including the commemorated album one, created by the artists Jann Haworth and Peter Blake, who in 1968 won the Grammy Award for Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts.




Sgt. Pepper's. 50th anniversary

The Beatles, 1967


XX Jornadas Comunicarte'17


10 Key points about Comunicarte'17
XX Arts, Communication and New Technologies Conference

From 31th January -1th February the XX COMUNICARTE, Arts, Communication and New Technologies Conference will be held at IES Puerta Bonita. We suggest 10 Keys points to Know more about COMUNICARTE:

01. What's Comunicarte?

COMUNICARTE‘17 Conference is a meeting point for professionals of audiovisual and graphic arts sectors and teachers and students of IES Puerta Bonita.

02. A tribute to …

Every year, during the Comunicarte Conference, we pay tribute to an artist, a product, a company, etc. This year we commemorate the album Sto. Pepper's. Despite the fact that the topics to consider in Comunicarte deal with technological issues that have nothing to do with The Beatles, the image of the artists and his work involves us with exhibitions, stage performances and products made by the graphic arts students …

03. Who?

During the three days of the conference teachers and sometimes students are the ones who get in touch with the best professionals of the sector to organize different meetings: round tables, lectures, workshops, master classes, technical equipment presentation, etc. The aim is to enable our students to become aware of what’s happening in the audiovisual and graphic arts sectors, trying to keep them up- to- date with new technologies and the innovation of the most prestigious and outstanding companies. We often also include screenings of short and feature films as well as documentaries followed by a talk and debate with the producers and technicians which were in many cases students of IES Puerta Bonita.

04. Face-to-face

Comunicarte provides students the opportunity of talking face-to-face with the best professionals of the sector and ask them any kind of questions and doubts. This is a luxury that few can afford.

05. Entrepreneurship

We have several visits of former students who come to take part in the conference telling us their experiences as entrepreneurs. These visits improve motivation of current students, who realize that despite the bleak economic situation, good ideas, constant effort and hard work are recovered in the long term and enable many youngsters, who were students a short time ago, to find their place into the world of work, doing what they like.

06. Exhibitions

In addition to the exhibition dedicated to the commemoration and the permanent exhibitions of the School, some companies display their products, that can be technical equipment, bibliography, etc, providing an added value to the forums and lectures mentioned above.

07. Change

Taught classes are replaced by the Conference. This is a change in the routine of the students that complements and enriches the school year.

08. Where?

The forums are held in different locations: classrooms, the conference hall, the assembly hall and in the most emblematic place of the school: the Txetxo Sada Theatre. The two last mentioned places are reserved for the most demanded activities.

09. Streaming

Some forums are broadcasted in live streaming via Puerta Bonita web page.

10. A preview…

Yet, we can anticipate that this year the leading companies in the Graphic Arts Sector will participate, as well as photographers, stage managers and other companies that will show us the latest technological innovations in video and sound. And finally, as every year, we are looking forward to receiving the visit of very special participants: entrepreneurs who have studied in our school. They always manage to put smiles on the faces of the teachers, who will go home more satisfied




Sgt. Pepper's. 50th anniversary

The Beatles, 1967


Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles. 1967

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