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IES Puerta Bonita 
Centro para la formación audiovisual y gráfica
Course - Professional Degree  
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The tertiary non-university vocational studies cycle Audio (CIS304), one of the four Audiovisuals, Image and Audio (CIS, Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido) Professional Family Formatives Cycles taught in this Center, leads to the attainment of the Superior Sound Technician professional degree.

Professional Degree
Professional Degree:
Superior Sound Technician (*)
2.000 hours, in two academic courses.
Professional Competences:

This professional will be able to:

To define, coordinate and carry out sound recording, to register, treat and reproduce sounds in audiovisual and radiophonic productions, musicals, shows and ceremonies, controlling and assuring technical and formal quality.

Professional field:
In companies whose activity is:

  • To produce and broadcast radio and television programmes.
  • Feature-length or short film production.
  • Advertising, industrial or educative video productions.
  • Multimedia and cartoon production.
  • Record productions and musicals in general.
  • To produce and sonorize shows.
  • Industrial sonorization and dubbing.
(*) Explanatory note:

Title: Técnico Superior en Sonido
Country: Spain
Grammatical variants: Técnica/os Superior/es en

Diploma and title awarded to students whose continuous assessment in all subjects has been satisfactory on completion of tertiary non-university vocational studies (Formación Profesional Específica de Grado Superior) established by the 1990 Ley Orgánica de Ordenación General del Sistema Educativo (LOGSE, or Organic Law on the General Organisation of the Education System). These studies are of variable duration but usually last 2 years. The diploma indicates the field of specialisation and gives access to the first cycle of certain university studies, and to employment.

The level of education specified corresponds to the level of the educational programme on completion of which an examination is held, a qualification awarded or a title conferred. The definitions of each level of educational programme, in accordance with * EU Directives and Recommendations, comply with the criteria used in the * UNESCO International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 1997) [PDF].


Legislation reference:

* Real Decreto 446/1996 que establece el currículo del Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior de Sonido (B.O.E. del 17 de abril de 1996) [PDF] [es]

* Real Decreto 2036/1995 por el que se establece el Título de Técnico Superior en Sonido y las correspondientes enseñanzas mínimas (B.O.E. del 06 de febrero de 1996) [PDF] [es]


Last Updated: 2008-12-11

IES Puerta Bonita  Centro para la formación audiovisual y gráfica
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